Cease & Desist/Restraining Order/High Falls Property Management Tries To Take Away First Amendment Rights!!!

June 29, 2016

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Today’s update is very important, crucial. You have been seeing my posts on Facebook 

Now, High Falls Property Management wants to take down my Facebook page and web site! Their attorney, John Nacca, Esq., has threatened to slap a restraining order on our fight against his client, High Falls Property Management!

Our campaign has been gaining steam. National and international media have been in touch with me recently and I think we will be gaining huge national steam very soon.

However, we cannot do this if our First Amendment right to free speech is taken away, which is exactly what High Falls Property Management is planning to do.

Here is the letter from John Nacca, Esq., dated June 21, 2016:

To Harry Davis

re: Cease & Desist Notification for High Falls Property Management, LLC

Dear Mr. Davis,

Over the last week or so it has come to our attention that you have been repeatedly attacking the professionalism, integrity and honesty of High Falls Property Management, LLC and its employees. This has been primarily undertaken via your use of the Internet and Facebook and generally consists of exaggerations, falsehoods, distortions of the truth and blatant lies. You have taken it upon yourself to utilize photos of High Falls Property Management, LLC, employees in support of your distortions and attacks. Up to this point High Falls Property Management has allowed you to continue with this irrational attacks hoping that once the eviction proceeding settled in Court that they would stop. I am sure you are aware that the eviction proceeding brought against you was for non-payment of your rent and nothing else. High Falls Management and the owner of Meigs Street were well within their rights to bring this proceeding on. It had nothing to do with your pet.

I have specifically mentioned to your attorney that these outrageous attacks needed to stop. Since they have not I am sending you this letter to formally put you on notice that any further lies or distortions of the truth relative to High Falls Property Management, LLC or its employees will no longer be tolerated. In point of fact we demand that your web site(s) be taken down immediately and that any disparaging remarks on Facebook or any other social media channels cease immediately. In the event that you persist in these attacks I have been instructed to commence legal action against you seeking not only damages for your lies but a Restraining Order from a Court of competent jurisdiction prohibiting you from making disparaging remarks against the Company its employees and the owners of the property which would negatively impact the reputation and integrity of the company. In point of fact we will be seeking a complete Restraining Order prohibiting you from spewing the lies and exaggerations you have become so expert and creating. Hopefully I will not have to do so but rest assured that I will not hesitate should you persist.

Very truly Yours,

John Nacca

Please donate what you can to fund our legal defense. We can win this but not if our right to free speech is stolen and if we cannot pay our attorney.

Go to: www.HighFallsPropertyManagement-rip-off.com


Harry Davis

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